Jeff Woflson, personal trainer, hcg coach  

Lone Wolf fitness offers in-home personal training. One-on-one training that comes right to your front door. Using the latest fitness research and knowledge combined with your exercise likes/dislikes, health history, and other parameters Lone Wolf Fitness will customize a program that is personally tailored to help you reach and surpass your fitness goals.

If you want to improve cardiovascular & respiratory function, decrease risk of heart disease and related illnesses, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, or just be happier, Lone Wolf Fitness has a personalized program for you:

• Fitness plans for weight loss, weight management & body sculpting.
Increase energy, boost metabolism, sleep better, improve self image and self esteem.

• Structured programs for rehabing old & new injuries.
Don't let your injuries and weak areas get the better of you. You can improve your quality of life with targeted and consistent exercises.

• Coaching for runners/triathletes: individualized running or triathalon programs tailored to help you excel in your next race.
Whether you are a newbie looking to run your first 5K or you are an accomplished triathlete, run longer and run faster!

Lone Wolf Fitness offers the complete personal training package:

1. One-on-one training (1, 2, or 3 times a week)

2. Nutritional guidance

3. Exercise programming to be done on your own

4. Initial assesment and monthly follow-ups to ensure you are on track





Jeff Woflson, personal trainer, hcg coach